Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just pressure wash my outdoor areas myself?

DIY pressure washers do not use the same amount of power or flow as industrial pressure washing equipment – so whilst you may be able to slightly improve the look of your driveway/patio, you would not be able to achieve the same results as having the area professionally cleaned.

Pressure washing alone may not be the answer to the problem, if your area is heavily soiled in black/white spot or lichens, pressure washing simply won’t remove these. At Bubbles Pressure Washing Services, we’re experts in various chemical treatments, that will ensure your area will come up looking as good as the day it was fitted. Click here to see the difference a professional clean will make. 

Our knowledge and expertise will ensure you will enjoy your outdoor areas without ever needing to lift a finger – leaving you free to light the BBQ and relax!


How much does pressure washing cost?

Prices vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the area, the severity of the soiling, type of surface, drainage and water pressure.

We will always visit your property or site to take a detailed look at the job and discuss pricing with you. We will also do a free patch test to show you the results you can expect from a clean from Bubbles Pressure Washing Services


Do I need to have an outside tap?

Not all jobs require an outside tap and our van is fully loaded with water prior to starting work. We will always discuss this with you during a visit to your property/site.

What is a ‘Free Patch Test?’

Don’t just take our word for it…we want you to see the results you can expect before you commit!

We will always clean a small area of your hard surface when we come to quote for a job so that you can see what a difference a clean from Bubbles Pressure Washing Services will make.


What areas do you cover?

We work from Scarborough and we cover all the surrounding areas including Hunmanby, Filey and Bridlington.

We’re fully mobile. so we’re also happy to travel further afield to Hull, York and Harrogate. Do get in touch if you’re not in one of the areas mentioned as we’re always willing to go the extra mile.


How often do you clean Wheelie Bins?

Wheelie Bins can be cleaned on a one off, monthly and bi-monthly basis. Get in touch to arrange a clean – starting from as little as £4.00