Patio Cleaning in Scarborough

Does your Patio area need pressure washing to get ready for entertaining or just to be safer you and your visitors?

Green algae, general grime and soiling can be removed along with those stubborn white and black spots. Bubbles Pressure Washing Services in Scarborough can transform your outdoor living space leaving you with more time to enjoy it without ever having to lift a finger

We’re one of the only pressure washing companies in Scarborough and the North Yorkshire area who specialise in chemical treatments to remove blackspot, lichens and moss spores from your hard surface. This means we don’t just pressure wash the area, we also treat and remove these unsightly and stubborn issues and can also apply preventative solutions to stop them reappearing.

Maybe you have given the area a clean yourself and there are still black spots ruining the look of your stone? The image to the right shows the stages of treatment we will perform on your outdoor space. Whilst pressure washing alone improves the look of the area, black spot still remains. This is where we are different – we can remove these and dramatically improve the look of your patio or outdoor space.

We clean Block Paving, Concrete, Indian Stone, Concrete Slabs, Tarmac, York Stone, Imprinted Concrete, Crazy Paving and Resin Bound Driveways etc.

With free Patch Testing and a no obligation quote – get in touch today, to see the difference we can make.


Pro Tip!

Please don’t try and use acids or wire brushes to remove the black or white spots, you will etch the surface of the stone causing damage which is irreparable!

Patio Cleaning Scarborough

Simon has worked so hard today cleaning and restoring my drive and pathways. He’s certainly had his work cut out with the mess they were in, years of moss and black patches everywhere. I cannot believe the difference. Highly recommended.


Stacey Whitlow