Tennis Court Cleaning in Scarborough and North Yorkshire

Bubbles Pressure Washing Services have helped to clean and restore a number of Tennis Courts in and around Scarborough and North Yorkshire.

We are able to clean both private courts and those belonging to sports associations or schools etc. Our expert knowledge and experience can guide you on the best process for cleaning your court. Be it pressure washing and treatment, or a chemical treatment only. Put your trust in us.

Tennis court surfaces are porous so that water can drain through them, but over time moss can build up in the pores which can slow down or even stop the water draining away. This has a detrimental effect on the court and can cause a safety hazard whilst playing.

Bubbles Pressure Washing Services can remove the moss build up and then treat the surface with specialist chemical treatment to kill all remaining moss spores and prevent regrowth.

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Pro Tip!

If your court is due for repainting, the surface must be pressure washed and treated prior to painting to maximise adhesion of the new paint, failure to do so will cause the new paint to flake which will make the court look patchy long before it is worn.

Really appreciate your efforts in cleaning the Ayton Courts…What you’ve hopefully helped to do is re-establish tennis back into the village.

Jim Mellor

Ayton Sports Association